About Us


At Flamingo, we are a team of digital revolutionaries inspired by the spirit of freedom and driven by a desire to challenge the current parameters set in the world of fintech.

We aim to develop an inclusive culture of financial awareness and sustainability for our customers. In a rapidly changing world, we strive to give you one constant - control of your financial life.We believe in a blatant pursuit of financial dreams and a sustainable future. But if you want to gain control of your life, you must first gain control of your money.

It is this vision that manifests itself in Flamingo – your personalized financial management platform. A futuristic software that helps you turn liabilities into savings by managing your money in a better, more efficient way.

Flamingo gives you complete control of your finances and fully equips you to monitor your financial progress. You have everything at your fingertips with features like budgeting, expense and goal tracking, financial health score, financial forecasting, and more.

We rack through the immense data banks and make goal-based financial forecasts through predictive programming to help you optimize your savings and turn your desired lifestyle into a reality.

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